Timelapse is a style of video that is often used in documentaries to indicate the passage of time e.g. timelapse of a sun setting or clouds moving.

Timelapse has been firmly embraced by the construction industry as the perfect means of documenting a project which may take months to complete. A good quality construction timelapse video needs to be carefully planned and edited to incorporate the important parts of the build and eliminate action-less footage of slabs drying for example. It’s also worthwhile to include normal video footage and motion graphics to explain certain phases of the build.

You can see our most recent timelapse work on the Dulux Exsulite website

You can also use timelapse to have a little fun and make quirky little social media videos. Here’s a social media video I did for our local homewares store Hermans:

For social media purposes, it is highly recommended that you limit the time frame of the footage to well under 2 minutes with 1 minute being the optimum amount of footage an internet or social media viewer will sit through.

Here at Contented Video we can offer you timelapse packages to suit your budget and time frame including long term equipment. We have established partnerships with commercial grade drone pilots and qualified working at heights contractors to ensure excellent and cinematic results for your project. Please contact us to find out more.